Having the right strategy is vital when coming up with your content marketing. Find out the best ways and how you can implement them!

9 Steps to Creating Awesome Web Content 9 Steps to Creating Awesome Web Content

Just in the last year, the amount of high-quality web content in the B2B segment has increased by as much as 70% companies publish useful free content in exchange for users’ personal data and their goal is to reach as many readers as possible who are actually interested in their content.

Unfortunately, even in the wonderful world of marketing it is sometimes it a little difficult to stand out, act credible, be unobtrusive and convincing enough. Below, we outline 9 simple steps to serve as encouragement, especially to those who find it difficult to write and do not know how to start.

Prepare a strategy

Before you start creating content, think carefully about who your ideal customers are, as this will allow you to create engaging content (tips, tricks, news articles,newsletters, or blog posts) for your potential readers.


Choose a topic and think carefully about the title

To make the text understandable, pick an interesting topic and conduct thorough research to make sure you know what you write about. Moreover, avoid long headlines and split the text into several shorter sections, use short and easy-to-understand phrases and make sure the text is not too long.




Use a clear, fluid and unobtrusive style

Successful marketing content must not seem like marketing at first glance,” marketers say. Aggressive marketing content will certainly not attract the reader’s attention and may even be off-putting, which is why online content creation is a very important process.

If you are having trouble preparing the content and you can’t find your inner muse, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help!If you are having trouble preparing the content and you can’t find your inner muse, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help!

The content has to impress the user to such an extent that it spontaneously takes him on the path from casual reader to loyal customer, and this requires a certain degree of elegance. During the writing process, we suggest you focus on potential customers and try to present the benefits of a particular product or service as accurately and intelligently as possible. This is the only way to write fluently and make sure your text will not seem like run-of-the-mill marketing content.



Opt for a pleasant tone of communication

Write and create as if you are addressing a friend. Your audience will connect with you and your products and services much better if they are addressed in a friendly and pleasant tone, which fosters affection and confidence on a subconscious level.

Don’t forger about SEO optimization

The optimum length of one piece of text is around 1000+ characters, which gives you the freedom to select the right keywords and further improve your advertising results. Such text will also attract new visitors to your site. Think carefully about the title, format, CTA buttons, and number of photos, because all these elements help create an attractive and, above all, enjoyable impression.


Provide as many references as possible

References are very important, so it is a good idea to furnish your texts with external links that lead to related content. Don’t worry, if similar information and content have already been posted on your site or on other trusted and popular portals. It is a good idea to use online toolsuse online tools that will inform the authors of articles on the linked pages that their suggestions, insights, ideas, thoughts, or quotations have been mentioned in your text.

It is worth a try, as it gives you more than 70% chance that these authors will value your gesture and share your content, providing your with potentially new followers in a subtle and unobtrusive way.




Be straightforward and clear

Sometimes what is most direct and straightforward turns out to be the best type of content marketing. One example of good practice are handwritten greeting cards that companies can send to their existing customers. Such gesture is (among other things) recommended by Ksenija Benedetti (Večer newspaper, 2017), former chief of Protocol of the Republic of Slovenia, and today a consultant and distinguished lecturer in business communication.


Write and post interesting content regularly

HubSpot experts sayHubSpot experts say that as many as 80% of companies who publish blog content on a daily basis have a 54% higher conversion than those who blog and post on a monthly basis. It is very important that your posts are regular and (if possible) interconnected. We strongly advise that you structure them into several short texts that subtly direct the reader into following you and reading your posts on a regular basis.

Creative writer, quality content

The best and most successful marketing content comes from personal experience, so don’t be afraid to experiment!

It makes sense to try as many different approaches as possible, and it is up to you to find out which one will work best. We encourage you to be as creative as possible, to write in a variety of circumstances, and even change the environment or work space as needed.


Be genuine, clear and as honest as possible and your readers will feel it too!







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