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We create websites in accordance with the latest web trends. We strive to design creative and unique websites, functionally devised to enable an excellent user experience. We can offer you a quality product – designed to accelerate sales, and which is going to convince your customer that you are the one they can trust. Your online-presentation will be conspicuous in both appearance and content as well as user-friendly, which is sure to attract exceptional interest among your current and future clients.


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We create online stores that assure a shopping adventure. We strive to design creative, unique and functionally well devised websites which enable an excellent user experience. We are offering you a quality product – designed to accelerate sales, and which is going to convince your customer that your online store is the one worth shopping at. Your online-presentation will be conspicuous in both appearance and content as well as user-friendly, which is sure to attract exceptional interest among your current and future clients.


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We provide programming services in environments like WordPress, Magento, Open cart, DNN, Shopify, WooComerce etc. Additionally, we program unique designs for web solutions and animations. Our work is characterized by fast-running websites, rich in customized extensions.


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We design unique online stores and websites, based on creativity, originality and contemporary trends in the online world. An effective user experience, which is expressed by creative design, is key to a good presentation, product purchase and returning to an online store or website.


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In the business world, the presentation and appearance of a company are crucial – that is why we strive to transmit originality and recognizability. If our image attracts looks, we are already halfway to business. Graphic design includes the creative design of logotypes, business cards and CI-design as well as the creation of various promotional printed materials, web banners, illustrations, customized icons and graphics for offices. We create brands for businesses.


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We can provide creative graphic designs for your Facebook or Instagram profiles, as well as take care of their updating and editing. When managing your profile, we take care of quality content as well as carefully considered marketing strategies accompanied by sophisticated social media advertising.


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ing and coaching

In cooperation with our clients, we create unique stories and strive to endear them to potential customers through content. We do not believe in aggressive and invasive advertising, but will convince your potential clients by providing educational and entertaining content which, by its added value, is going to subtly persuade users to purchase. We provide assistance in content-creation for websites, blogs and the management as well as execution of e-mail marketing.

Don’t let the price get in the way. By devising effective ideas and marketing strategies, we assist and advise companies in the development of their business, product or service. We can provide guidance on how and where (Facebook, web portals, SEO optimization, etc.) to advertise and how to get your website as close to your clients as possible. Let us accompany you on the journey to the digitization of your company!


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Digital advertising brings with it a real revolution in outdoor advertising, which typically includes roadside posters and billboards. We provide the professional preparation and execution of digital advertising campaigns on social media and within the Google platform. We target, strategize and optimize with your company in mind, which is why the entire campaign is adjusted to your needs and expectations. You can manage your profile, while our advertising strategies only complement your success!


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Most visitors leave your website before making a purchase. They continue to browse the net and seldom return. How can they be reached once they have left your website? Through remarketing! Remarketing is one of the most effective marketing tools delivering high results. It is especially effective in combination with other marketing strategies like PPC advertising, e-mail marketing or display network advertising. We target users that are already familiar with your product, website or brand. We show them image or text ads while they browse through other websites. We can even present them with custom-made offers, especially designed to fit their needs! Use the opportunities and advantages of remarketing and reach the most sophisticated and defined target audience!


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graphy and

Every visual image includes photographic material. It is our goal to present companies, people and products in a unique manner. That is why we strive to provide each website with its own photographic presentation, thereby adding a personal touch to the site and gaining additional trust in future customers. We also produce video campaigns, business video presentations and animated video presentations.


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ING and

In accordance with your wishes, we can provide you with proofread texts of different lengths and genres as well as translation services. We write texts for websites, online stores, articles, blogs and content for social media. Furthermore, we are proficient in producing creative content and accompanying texts (brochures, branding texts, flyers), while already existing content can be rewritten according to your preferences. Our texts directly address your potential client, since we wish to introduce your services, products and company in the most effective way possible.


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vation of

We can provide design solutions for your business premises and infuse them with a fresh architectural breeze. We can prepare a visual presentation of your refreshed workspace offering the perfect atmosphere for your team. The new ambience, materials and colour harmony will do you proud. Moreover, this way your team will easily meet any challenge. You will want to introduce your company to your clients in a new light as well. The renovation of the interior and exterior will serve as a reference for the creative profile and future growth of the company.

Dare to stand out and embark on the journey of online-business with us.

Lets create your online success together and book a meeting.
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The creative team.

The creative studio IDEA is a collective of creative minds. Our work is characterized by a fresh approach, unique ideas, creative references, professional leadership and a wealth of knowledge that will help you achieve your business goals. Why? Because every quality product or service requires a professional visual image, a quality website and a successful marketing strategy in order to reach customers.

We want the final results to reflect our unique and creative ideas. Our references rely not only on topmost visual images, but on a high level of functionality.
Along with the vision that our team can help you overcome the storms of the digital world, our creative visual images will reach the right groups. We are not afraid of the new and keep creating innovations in cooperation with our clients.

Let our ideas help you be remembered.

The creative team.

We have directly or indirectly worked on projects for the mentioned companies and brands.

IDEA creative studio

Beautiful and
creative designs

Let’s design excellency

It is our goal to set up creative products with a strong focus and emphasis on the best design and user experience. We create extraordinary digital products that will enthral you and your target customers. We can help support your story with products that you will not only enjoy using, but that will truly make you feel part of your own fairy tale.

IDEA creative studio


Your website reflects your uniqueness,
we add our expertise

We believe that business growth requires being in harmony with new technologies and standards. We follow the fast developing trends with enthusiasm and incorporate them into our work. Allow your website to shine.

IDEA creative studio

Marketing – the key
to business growth

Challenges help us succeed

At our agency, we focus on the future. Our precisely pinned campaigns make us the best business partner for your company – and all this with the help of integrated solutions. We help you plan market activities and creatively follow the current trends in digital marketing.


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Project #1

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Project #2

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Project #3

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Project #4

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